Monday, July 5, 2010

More on Adams, and a new tea party

I've continued to mull over the John Adams movie and the history from which it was drawn.

It's easy to see that the various factions struggling to guide or control this country existed almost from day one. Obama and moderate Democrats seem to be from the Adams' camp of Federalists. Jefferson's version of Republicanism seems similar to the modern day Ron Paul-type libertarian movement. Hamilton's crew seem like the Neo-con/Neo-liberal movements of today, which in all honesty dominate both the Republican and Democrat camps.

As for tea parties, here's another that sprouted today. While I don't sign on to all of this, quite a bit resonates with me.

To no avail, of course.

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  1. Well, maybe - except that Jefferson was grounded in an agrarian philosophy that let him tell his farmer constituency that higher taxes on luxury goods would transfer money from the city to the countryside, and allow the government to build roads and educate their sons at no cost to them...making him a tax and spend re-distributer. He also thought that if there was land that was not being used and people who were unemployed, it might make sense to have land reform to break up the power of the rich. And he was very much for the inheritance tax.