Sunday, October 31, 2010


About a month or so ago, a companion forum to Matt Savinar's life after the oil crash site began to falter.

I am under the opinion that the forum became the target of malicious hackers. The hackers won.

Originally, users would get cut off while trying to post entries or would receive denial of service messages when they tried to acces the site. Matt called in friends to help; apparentely they couldn't fix the problem. Then he hired professionals; they too failed to fix his forum woes. Then he tried a different host with a lower quality setup.

Forum users began complaining. (We want it easy and we want it now. We're goddamned Internet junkies and we demand to be fed.) Eventually the strain got to Matt. As a result, he closed the forum. Archives of the original forum can be read here.

I think the way Matt was treated is shameful. Both by the sons-of-bitches that targeted his site and by those that were so quick to lay blame on the young man for circumstances beyond his control.

Sometimes the bad guys win. Sometimes we're the bad guys.

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  1. I hate that it's closed. I miss the community even though I rarely posted. I read it every day.