Friday, March 4, 2011

On the precipice

Sabbath eve, March 4, 2011

What a week. As if I don’t have enough to do around home, I took Manuel out to Balmorhea and began the process of starting a produce farm. Fuel is going up daily; diesel was $3.60 a gallon when I left and 20 cents short of $4/gallon by the time I got back one day later. We’re planting corn, preparing to plant milo and sorghum cane we hope to use to make syrup.

We’re working on a pottery studio for Leah and rebuilding an old general store originally built from hand hewn rock in Belmont, 1879, a mile from my door in a partnership with Richard Walker and his wife Wilhelmena.

Last week we received word the local post office in Belmont will be closed.

Turmoil is spreading throughout the Middle East. While mainstream media ignores all but Libya, various degrees of unrest prevail throughout the region. A day of rage is slated for March 11th in Saudi Arabia.

It is hard to understate the potential repercussions that could arise if Saudi Arabia experiences a revolution along the lines of what is unfolding in Tunisia, Egypt or Libya. Oil prices could easily exceed anything seen to date, even highs set in 2008. I don't think $8 to $10 gasoline is out of the question.

A Saudi parable:

My grandfather rode a camel
My father drove a car
I flew an airplane
My son will ride a camel

Laugh while you can.


Potatoes have come up in my garden as have a couple of rows of English peas. It's time to plant sweet corn if you live in South Texas. Still a bit risky to put out tomato and pepper plants or plant frost succeptible plants like cucumbers, squash, blackeyed peas, okra, etc. Pinto beans need to be planted soon to avoid late spring heat that will diminish yields.

Plant your garden.

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