Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hormone disruptors

The more I study genetically modified grains and the chemicals with which we inundate our food and water, the more I suspect we are disrupting natural hormonal and endocrine develpment in our bodies and worse yet, those of our offspring, even while in the womb.

This would make a good subject of study for someone so inclined.

Eating real food and drinking clean water (the kind that doesn't come from a plastic bottle or is treated by your friendly local water supplier) is a good idea for anyone, in my opinion.

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  1. Don ,I haved a nine year old grandaughter that seems to be breaking into full blown puberty with hair and all growing like a twelve year old. She is way to small and in every way mind and body not developed for having this at her age. I suspect it is from the ingestion of some darn hormones . I don't know ;but i am curious if the doctors even have a clue. I am sure something is damm wrong with her and so i begged to God for her sitting in my lap that God will take it off of her, until she is 12 or so.She needs a chance to be a child while she is one!