Monday, August 8, 2011

Concerning hay...

Drought continues to bake Texas. Hay is scarce; hay for sale almost non-existant. I have stopped selling hay from the barn and have been telling people to wait for the next cutting so they could buy from the field.

Due to overwhelming demand (my phone rings so much I can't get any work done), I am suspending all hay sales until the growing season is over.

Truth is, I (my animals) may need the hay more than I need the money. And you will need hay this winter more than you need it now, if forecasts of continuing drought come to pass.

A of today, E-Barr Feed in Gonzales still has a supply of square bales at reasonable prices.

Sorry for any inconvenience my waffling on this issue may have caused.

This a force majeure event we're dealing with.

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