Sunday, March 25, 2012

It ain't about the bomb

I tire of hearing lying pricks like Obama and Santorum trying to scare us with Iran the boogeyman. It ain't about Iran building a bomb. It's that Iran wants to sidestep the petrodollar.

Which at some point will lead to bombs.

It isn't only Iran. Previous administrations that have tried to do abandon the petrodollar: Hussein in Iraq and Khadafi in Libya.

Here's a rundown of current attempts to sidestep the dollar.

As one of an ever dwindling number of American farmers, the artificial value of the dollar due to political gamemanship has done little to help and a lot to hurt. While I did get subsidized fuel, fertilizer, etc. out of the deal, I also had sharp penciled economists forcing the latest in mechanization and methods down my throat, the products of which are all owned and supplied by a few major corporations, and obtainable only by signing a life away to a few friendly lending institutions, freshly stocked with free money, courtesy of the Federal Reserve and our Treasury Department.

Failure to comply with this plan meant failure to survive econmically.

So don't ask me to cheerlead the war to keep the scam alive (aka the war on terror, drugs, etc.).

We should be paid for what we do, not who we are, same as everyone else.

Those that choose to be suck-asses or scam artists should not be rewarded.

And in the end, won't be.

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