Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Harbinger

Upon the advice of my brother Bill, I bought and read a book called The Harbinger

The story is fiction, but the subject matter deals with real events and ties them back to ancient prophecy first delivered by Isiah to ancient Israel.

The book has its detractors. I wasn't crazy about everything I read; the author picks easy prey when identifying our nation's ills--focusing on the kind of people that don't shoot your ass or put you in jail, while ignoring some mainstream evil (in my opinion), but he does raise intersting issues.

Did you know for instance, that the site of 9-11 was the very ground where George Washington was innaugurated?

That a sycamore tree was destroyed in the 9-11 attack and later replaced by a cedar at that site? That this was foretold as a sign of the destruction of ancient Israel, thousands of years ago?

That 9-11 and the stock market collapse of 2008 occurred on exactly the same day by the lunar Jewish calendar 7 years apart?

That the market lost exactly 7% of its value and fell 777 points?

There is a rythym to what happens in this world.

I read the book in a single sitting.

Another note: while the author fails to make predictions on the future, if the cadence of events continues as it has, we'll see continued failed attempts to revive the old paradigm until another catastrophic event in the fall of 2015.

For what it's worth.


  1. Hey Don..., who's doin' your chores..., and Leah's..., while you are spending all this time reading. And listening to The Boss ????

  2. Scott,

    Haven't collected an egg in two days. Garden went unpicked.

    But I read the book in about 4 hours while Bruce played in the background.

    Compelling stuff.

  3. And...

    I did milk four cows and process the milk. Fed dogs, cats.

    Bred mares (actually I allowed the stallion to have a turn).

    Bought feed, paid bills, washed a dish or two.

    Allowed the laundry to pile a bit higher.

    And it was raining while I read.

    No more short days for me though (8 hours). Back to the norm. (12 or more).

    And that's the facts.

    1. Well..., glad to hear that you had some help..., from the stallions at least..., completing all those chores !!!!!