Thursday, January 24, 2013

Apparitions in the fog

I came across this in the comment section of a previous post and thought it deserves your attention. It sure as hell got mine:


Tip of the hat to Joe Six Pack.

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  1. Great link Don..., a lot to digest. I even read his previous post and will no doubt read more. The one quibble I have is that I think he is a bit behind the curve. If I had read this two years ago I would have been hailing him as an all knowing seer. But I think he is failing to see what has transpired the last two years. I am amazed that Obama has managed to hold it together. No we haven't made a resounding recovery..., but we haven't fallen apart..., as I admit, I expected. I too believe that we are in The Fourth Turning..., but think it began on 9-11-01..., so we are a good 10 years into it and we may be past the critical point where it could have all come tumbling down. It will be a long slow emergency as Kunstler says..., and Numerian is right about the "survival spending" that is necessary because we are not going to "grow" or way out of this. The fact is..., we will never return to the spendthrift ways of the past..., but we may be able to manage our way to a greener future ala John Michael Greer at The Archdruid Report. I really think that Obama gets it and that is what he is attempting to do. I thought Chery Royer's piece was spot on. I commented on it over at her site.