Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Last week I made it to San Marcos and the Lonestar Music store. While there I bought a bag full of CD’s, many from artists I once admired and also a few produced by young up and comings. I am sad to report that most of my own peers are putting out music that goes down like lukewarm piss. Gone is the outrage and anger that fueled protest during the 60’s and 70’s, and even later during the bush years. Gone is the soul of a generation, aside from a select few, and most of those have gone silent.

Oh, my peers gripe about jobs lost and so forth, but it sounds a whole lot more like, where’s mine, than true righteous indignation over injustices of the world. The crimes Obama and his crew have committed, one-upping bush and clinton across the board, suddenly don’t matter anymore. Perhaps it’s because they’re fucking Democrats, and we all know Democrats are better than Republicans….

What happened to our cojones?

Strauss and Howe refer to the baby boom generation as the current manifestation of prophets. I got news for Mr. Howe. He needs to add Neo to the prophet. As in False. We have neo-conservatives that aren’t conservatives, new-liberals that aren’t liberals and now Neo-prophets, all guiding our country to its own destruction.

Why is Bradley Manning on trial for exposing the crimes of our own government employees? Why is Julian Assange hiding in a British embassy? Why is our news a mix of propaganda and distractions, with almost no real substance?

Why is it OK for drones to fly above the people of the world, killing at will? Why do we maintain illegal prisons around the globe and subject people to torture? Why do we start new wars and continue to act like we run the whole world?

Why do we enable the Monsanto Corporation to monopolize our food industry, poisoning populations with genetically modified grains and driving those that would plant and raise good food into bankruptcy? Why do we arrest small scale producers of raw foods and or deny them access to markets?

Why do we continue to conduct this insane war on drugs?

Why do we maintain the world’s largest prison population, both in gross numbers and also o a per-capita basis?

Why do we spy on our own law-abiding citizens?

Where is the outrage?

I pray today. I cry today. I seethe in anger today. But I won’t be crying when we get our just reward.

We will have earned it.

Every goddamned bit of it.


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  1. Why indeed. I shared this on silent country, hope you don't mind.