Monday, August 26, 2013

Miley Cyrus spreads her ass

Monday morning, August 26, 2013

I turned cows into a field of hay grazer we had irrigated into existence this week. We’d hoped to cut hay from this field, but we are already feeding hay from a dwindling supply and it made little sense to make one bale while feeding another when the cows could do the harvesting for us.

We border a river, so we have livestock water, but most stock tanks not fed by a well have gone dry. The pastures above that river are sick; large patches of bare dirt marred only by an occasional bleached bone and dirt tubes created by desert termites occupy space normally inhabited by grazing cows.

Anything remotely green has been sawed off at ground level by grasshoppers.

Buzzards circle above, waiting for the next victim.

We did manage to grow and harvest milo but we sold the grain for a ridiculously cheap price, probably below the cost of production when all costs are considered. We’re baling the stalks because that’s the only thing we have left to bale.

I’m reasonably sure we will be forced to sell some cattle to get through winter; most of the ranchers in this county have already done so.

I turn on the TV, looking for a bit of distraction from these woes only to learn that my country is threatening war on Syria, once again based on questionable if not downright deliberately misleading information, the next step in some evil plan devised years ago.

How can people believe these lying sons of bitches?

The Internet describes multiple crises from around the world; an ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan, economic woes in Europe including unemployment rates above 50% for Millennials, riots throughout the Middle East, bloody conflicts and famine in Africa, new and damning information concerning the spread of genetically modified food grains and the ill effects they have on the health of the planet. Mainstream media lies with impunity; those trying to tell the truth are persecuted and prosecuted.

High finance fraudsters continue to profit with the aid of central banks and governments; the divide between rich and poor has reached unprecedented levels. Poor and local producers are denied access to markets while mega-corporations continue to gobble up resources.

Republicans damn Democrats; Democrats damn Republicans; the scope of material allowed in public debate is so narrow you have to split hairs to differentiate policy between the two.

Oh, and Miley Cyrus bent over and spread her ass on stage….

Knew I was forgetting something important.



  1. Well, the spectacle that is Miley serves a function to keep the masses distracted from the fact the world has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

  2. It is Idiocracy. Our mindless masses are hell bent on adding importance to sensational events and people who mean nothing in the grand scheme. Forget about making important world events leading news. Miley's butt was the first thing I heard about this morning. Sickening.

  3. Well written as always. The only thing I saw this morning that worth half a grain of salt was the story CBS ran about Okuma.