Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Not so fast, cocksucker

Just watched Obama, the liar in chief, deliver his assessment of the Syria conflict. All the while he's describing the horrors of civilians killed by poison gas, I'm thinking about his weekly murder fix, partially sated by non-stop drone attacks. How we used white phosphorus and depleted uranium munitions on civilian populations. Etc.

First he makes the case that we all know Assad did gas his own citizens and we must do something about it, then he declares that he has called off the vote by congress for authorization to attack Syria (which he would have fucking lost), followed by a possible diplomatic solution proposed by Russia, all the while knowing by damn that he has fucking torpedoed any chances of it succeeding.

I hate being played for a fool.

Followed by a long string of cuss words you probably don't want to hear....

PS. To begin, I do not know that Assad gassed his people. In fact, after listening to his interview and after hearing alternative versions of what may have happened I very much doubt it.

I suffered through a few pundits after the speech, all of which bought this part of Obama's speech without question. It's being touted as fact, just because this lying son of a bitch says so?

Forcing Assad to admit to a crime he didn't commit as part of the UN resolution is a non-starter.

We are not all sheep, sir.


  1. Slow motion, it's not much of a speech but he was crisp. Some good coffee and a couple of shots of espresso maybe.

    Thanks Vladimir! What the Hell did that cost him? Putin doesn't give away anything. I think the deal was - Assad will win, butt out, and he'll make sure the Saudi's and Turkey calm down (which he won't do).

    He will be back for more, soon, no doubt.

    Thanks for this.

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