Monday, July 14, 2014

Jacking off will make you go blind

My mind wanders while milking cows. I think of all the things going on in the world. Wars, everywhere, it seems.

People are going bat-shit insane around the world. Looking for someone to blame: invading Latin Americans. Moslem terrorists. Christian terrorists. Jewish terrorists. Republicans. Democrats…. (Must be the goddamned Democrats.)

Soccer games devolve into riots. Perhaps the games are an escape mechanism from the realities of life in these times.

Game is over. Time to go home….

Have you heard about the invasion of a new-to-us insect, the Sorghum aphid? Of course not. Or the white fly, blister bug, grass hopper invasions? Who needs food? There’s plenty to be had at the grocery store.

But I need crops to sell.

Where’s the organic pesticide for that one?

Or the new genetically modified strain of Frankenfood that will survive this shit?

Eating genetically modified food is bad for you.

We’ll starve without it.

Drought in California. Earthquakes in Oklahoma. Methane hydrate releases from the Arctic Ocean.

You’re being spied upon. Every word, every movement.

Drugs, by God. Drugs are the problem.

Or is it that I quit doing drugs?

Anybody have some drugs?

Oh yeah.

They put you in prison for that, assuming you survive the SWAT attack.

Or the drones. (Not yet unleashed upon us. Be patient. They’re working on it.)

This is one convoluted fucked-up world.

Is it me, or is this shit getting worse by the day?


  1. It ain't just you. This shit is getting worse.

  2. Beautifully sane statements brother.

  3. It is getting worse by the day. Thank you for the way you write about noticing it.