Wednesday, September 24, 2014

For what it's worth

I'm not a leftist. Not a corporatist. I don't fly or drive to anti-fracking rallies in vehicles powered by fuel derived from such practices. I won't march on Monsanto while eating a bag of Cheetos, or fueled by a piece of chicken bought at whole foods. I grow non-genetically modified grain, but nevertheless, I still feed my milk cows and my chickens and my horses the same products everyone else does. My tractor burns diesel derived from fracking, as does my pickup truck. The electricity coursing through my house and powering the water well in my yard was derived from natural gas, also a product of fracking. I was born into a slow motion train wreck over which I have very little control. But I will not bury my head in the sand to accommodate practices that are killing us and dooming present and future generations. As a hopeless addict and a hypocrite, I know our only chance of redemption is an honest evaluation of our condition.
So if something I write or post offends you, know this: the offense was intended.
We are a fucked up lot.

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