Friday, October 3, 2014

The silence is deafening: calling out musicians

During the lead-up to Dubya's war in Iraq, I found myself allied with strange bedfellows, so to speak: Democrats and the like, who opposed obvious lies and deceptions foisted upon the American public to lead us into war.

Among more vocal opponents were musicians whose work I gobbled up with glee.

People like Steve Earle. Bruce Springsteen. James McMurtry. Neil Young.

You produced excellent work.

But I have a beef with you today.

Why is it that when Barack Obama continues the same policies, on steroids, no less, he gets a bye?

Your silence is deafening.

I don't say these things to condemn you.

Just trying to wake your asses out of a slumber.


  1. President Obama has a list of accomplishments as long as your leg despite the fact he inherited three ongoing wars. It seems facing relentless demands from those in the War Room and on his staff to get even more deeply involved in fighting in the M.E. and Afghanistan proved too difficult to resist. It's disappointing so many Obama supporters turned their back on him as if they could have done better facing a ludicrous Republican-led House, Senate D.I.N.O.s, conservative Majority on the Court and 12 million American families deliberately guided into Foreclosure by the greedy on Wall Street.
    Thanks for your reasonable words over the years.

  2. Where is the next generation of musicians and their voices? I know they are out there, and with social media tools, the kids should be forming some opposition. Perhaps they are and I am just out of the loop?