Thursday, October 15, 2015

Coup d'etat: Radical realignment of power

I was among those watching for some sort of catastrophe at the end of the shmita/beginning of the jubilee last month.

The season came and went with no apparent difficulties, aside from the norm (which happen to be quite serious if you're paying attention).

However, I am seeing something unfold now.

There has been a radical realignment of power in world politics.

For some time, the United States has taken a position of leadership in world affairs.

During the meeting of the United Nations held last month, a notable group of leaders addressed the assembly, among them the pope, President Obama, and Russian President Putin.

Obama reminded the world that the United States has the most powerful military and the largest economy of any nation on earth and then began to describe current events filtered through his prism. In other words, he lied his ass off and everyone in the room knew it, despite the bobbing of heads.

Putin presented a rational view of the world and politics, if you count yourself among those that believe a thinking body of adults from around the world should be in charge.

Shortly thereafter, Russia began an intervention in Syria, where we (the United States) have been supporting Islamic terrorists fighting the Assad regime.

Today I learned, if Sputnik is to be believed, that even Israel was consulted before attacks began.

There are those that say Russia and Putin stand against the New World Order.

I suspect quite the opposite.

Putin has become the new de facto leader of that body.

Meaning Obama and the US have become odd man out.

Don't be surprised to see an attack on this nation within the next year, whether militarily, or economically (both, in my opinion).

This will prove quite a convenient reset; by trashing the reserve currency, which happens to be the dollar and creating a new world currency, the worlds gets the debt relief it needs.

Blame will then be piled upon the burning trash heap left of the American Empire. It was all our fault, don't you know.

The friends you thought you had in Europe will dance with a new partner and look from a distance at the smoke, lamenting the loss of their old lover.

And Putin will not be your friend on that day.


  1. We have found the edge of the petri dish.

    Putin is merely defining a somewhat smaller dish for us.

    The edge of the petri dish was never your friend. And the 'New World Order' was never going to work.

    System has been rotten, with psychopaths in charge, for five or six decades now, it was always going to collapse, and the time is now.

    1. I agree. I don't think it is a good idea for a single body to rule the world in dictatorial fashion.