Monday, November 30, 2015

My Ancestry

My brother Bill sent off a DNA sample to Ancestry(dot)com and shared the results with me.
For a brief moment, I wondered if I should also.
Sorry, mom.
But I know better. This is the people from which I descend. And before you tell me we're all African--obviously this test doesn't go back that far. (And I'd submit that it's highly possible that white Europeans carry Neanderthal blood, unlike the more highly evolved African strain....)
I don't offer this to make any point, or to express any kind of pride in a matter of which I had absolutely no choice.
But it is what it is and the facts dispel some family myths:
Results as follows:
100% European (damnit).
39% British Isles (damnit).
28% Irish
17% Scandinavian
5% Roman/Greek (Italian)
5% Iberian (Spanish)
4% Western Europe
<1 br="" eastern="" europe=""><1 br="" finnish="" ussian="">0% European Jewish
0% African
0% Asian
0% American Indian
I think he also said 0% Middle Eastern as well, but I failed to write it down.
Pretty much pure white trash, I suppose.
I had absolutely nothing to do with this.
I hope to rise above it.

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