Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gluten intolerance

Some 12 years or so ago, I developed acid reflux disease and then a couple of patches of skin rash on my ankles and my hips.
I controlled the acid reflux with acid blockers, but got to the point where I could not afford to go a single day without taking them.
I tried everything I could find for the rash. About the only thing that helped was diaper rash medicine.
Some 7 years ago, my dad was diagnosed with Coeliac (Celiac) disease. Gluten intolerance. Celiac Sprue
Thinking that I might also have inherited the condition, I quit eating foods containing gluten. The acid reflux went away. As did the rash.
I just found a link (pdf)  between the rise of gluten intolerance and the use of glyphosate. Damn it.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. Since reading it, I have noted that my own acid problem is aggravated by foods containing wheat. Other foods, such as broccoli, make it better.

    And, I wonder if all this isn't related to the microbes living in our gut. A couple decades ago, it was discovered that ulcers are caused by acid-loving bacteria. And recently, that type 2 diabetes is apparently related to some yet unknown microbe(s).