Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ruminations from the garden: segundo

I have begun another book.
Ruminations from the garden, segundo.

I may well just put copies on the counter at the Belmont General Store, previously referred to as the Red Rock store, adjacent to Leah Dawson Ford's Red Hen Pottery Studio and Gallery, for any one that arrives in a living body and wants to claim one. Tear off the proper number of pages you can level a table up to a little better than 3/4 inch off kelter. Work for starting fires or after the morning constitutional should Putin prove his claim, (some shit about being able to destroy us in 30 minutes... Which triggers stories Edward Zehandalaar told me about nuclear weapons--the dude is a nuclear physicist in on trumped up charges because "they" question his loyalty, Jewish daddy. Persian mom. Persian rather than Iranian. Poor sob born on the island of Java during WWII only EZ is a kid. They all get carted off to the interment camp by the Japanese. EZ, this little kid is hungry. No food. He's watching his mom shrink into a skeleton with a gap in the crotch big enough to throw a volleyball through. And there's no food and he's hungry as hell, and the Japanese guard, well he picks out a pregnant woman and they put up the money. What's the sex of the baby? And then a guards slashes her belly and the unborn infant spills to the ground as the woman grasps. Anyhow, they don't trust EZ so they trump up charges and keep him in a safe place. The man can build a nuclear weapon. And, he knows the threat. He worked on a system to protect our own nuclear arsenal from EMP attack. You know, when you blow up a thermonuclear devise some 200 kilometers into the atmosphere, and an electronic pulse fries the unprotected American electric grid because no one would listen to that crazy green/conservative Roscoe Bartlett when he told us faraday cages are cheap to build and we needed them. Anyhow, this crazy motherfucker Putin knows this, as do his handlers in Europe where the biggest of the big still maintain control. And we are over there jabbing this dude with a sharp stick.

This is not a joke. Not a practice run. Knowledge will be worth more than money. World debt requires a sacrifice, a reset. Cancellation of debt which means loss of money for all calling themselves American, a terrible deflationary depression. You and I are like a fattened calf. The dollar must be destroyed to make way for a new reserve currency. It's not really personal for them, we're the bastard children anyhow.....

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