Saturday, January 16, 2010

The book of Eli

In a season of fictional post acpocalyptic movies The Book of Eli stands far above the rest (and that includes the Road). Some critisize the ending; I thought it quite appropriate.

Denzel Washington plays a man on a mission, his job, to deliver the last remaining Bible on the planet to some unknown place, West. Washington reaffirms his position among the best actors in the business.

Gary Oldman contributes an excellent performance as the leader of a bunch of predatory survivors; he desires the Bible to be used as it was in days of old to manipulate the masses, only this time for his personal benefit. A good guy is only as good as his advesary is bad, and Oldman is one believable bad son of a bitch.

Mila Kunis plays a fuckable young adopted daughter of Carnegie (Oldman) intrigued by Eli and the apparent goodness he emanates (if you can call a walking dispenser of death good).

See the movie.


  1. Hey Don,

    Have been seeing links to "food shortage" coming..., one link says we have about two months to stock up. Ilargi at TAE links to Jim Rogers who says a couple of years. Just wondering what your boots on the ground take is..., as opposed to the "economist" perspective is?

  2. Scott,

    I wish I knew. But I don't. I did plant a winter garden and just bought another milk cow. I'm buying hand powered food processing equipment as fast as I can: sausage grinders, cauldrons, cheese presses, butchering equipment, etc. Leah's making and storing cheese just about every day, I'm looking for non-GM corn seed for our fields, the fields are plowed and ready to plant...

    Jim's seems a sober voice, but I honestly don't know.

  3. Speaking of films, Mr. Ford, what happened to Contrabando? I saw on your website that it "got panned". Did Danny Huston actually make it? Or, did he shop it around without success? I have long thought that it would make a great film.