Saturday, February 6, 2010

The polarization continues

Reading Strauss and Howe's excellent book, The Fourth Turning reinforced something I already knew at gut level, have known for over thirty years: there will be in the lifetime of my generation, another major world war. Furthermore, I think the US will be knocked from its postion of prominence as a result of that war.

But before hostilities erupt, a polarization must take place, is taking place, as countries unite in a struggle over diminishing natural resources.

Another piece of evidence surfaced this week as the US and China square off on trade and monetary issues.

In our hemisphere, I envision leftist South American countries like Venezuela, Cuba, etc, joining the China brigade, Northern Mexico and Colombia the US sphere. I say northern Mexico because I think it likely that Mexico may have a revolution, or a split between North and South.

It isn't that I want these things to happen. I'm just a scribe writing down what I see happening.

As for the predictions, they were made long before I sucked a breath of air.

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