Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami alert

If you look across the ocean right about now, you'll see no indication that a giant wave approaches Hawaii. But, experts will tell you, a wave is on the way, hidden from sight, under water, and it will not rise from the ocean until it hits a land mass.

Something similar is about to hit on the economic front. You'd best prepare. Because it's coming as sure as that wave about to hit Hawai.

PS. Often, right before a tsunami hits, sea water recedes. People often walk out into the receding water to pick up fish and shells, only to be engulfed when the waves arrive.

PPS. Well, the Hawaiin tsunami appears to have come and gone, a non-event. Sometimes, the experts are wrong.

1 comment:

  1. Well..., that financial tsunami still has me worried.

    We have dumped a lot of paper in the dike to hold it off. Trillions of paper dollars in a hole with no foundation. It should be evident by now that all that paper hasn't solved the real problem. Those waves keep working and eating away at the foundation..., unseen by the experts. But it looks like they will continue to pour paper on top of the problem until the hole in the dike collapes from it's own weight..., because there is no foundation to hold it up.

    Remember..., this dike was engineered by the same bunch that built the New Orleans levy.