Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Books to burn

I took my entire share of royalty interest for Ruminations from the Garden in books. They arrived yesterday, 2,400 copies. Reading that number doesn't do justice to the fact of the matter. Carrying 80 boxes of thirty books each into the house and stacking them up does.

We shouldn't lack for door stops, furniture levelers or fuel for the wood stove should a new ice age develop. Hopefully someone will want to read the thing. While not perfect, it's a much more professional version of the book.

If you're inclined to buy one, contact Speir Publishing.

And if you have a book that needs publishing, contact Paul Speir. He worked hard on this. He's honest, intelligent and decent. Plus he has a good wife, a newborn daughter and needs work. Proceeds from sales are his.

Paul tells me he has a limited number of copies of the book free to those willing to write a review and publish it. The review need not be positive. Honesty and perhaps the cost of postage is all that's required.

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