Monday, April 5, 2010

More propaganda on Mexico

First, from the San Antonio Express News, an article describing how drug cartels attacked two army garrisons in Northern Mexico. The following day, headlines announced:

Drug cartels attacking Mexican army bases

While I wasn't there, neither were these courageous reporters. The results of these attacks don't jive with reality. 18 dead attackers, one injured soldier. Not good for seven ambushes with the latest in modern weapons of war.

Here's what I think happened:

Zetas (or those using the name, anyway) have for some time now been conducting illegal roadblocks throughout Northern Mexico, stopping people and charging passage, and or confiscating goods, unchallenged by the military or any other police agencies.

This in all likliehood was not an attack on a military operation, but instead the military attacking illegitimate road blocks.

Any wagers, you who purveyors of such bull shit?

I'm not trying to justify anything a bunch of sorry assed henchmen are doing. It's about time the Mexican government did something about those roadblocks. But I am sick and goddamned tired of lies being spouted to justify sending more money to those operating the war on drugs.

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