Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A story

A young man living and working illegally in the United States decides that he wants to bring his wife and his seven year old daughter to this country. He learns of a woman that supposedly can get them across, over the bridge and through checkpoints, but the price is high, $3,000 apiece.

The young man’s father lives and works in the United States legally. Unlike his son, the father can come and go across the bridge, legally. So the father goes down to San Luis Potosi on a bus and picks up his daughter in law and his granddaughter. They ride the bus to Nuevo Laredo. When they arrive, he tries to call the woman but can’t reach her on the phone. A man approaches, one of many that seem to be looking for potential pollos.

The father in law tells him he’s waiting on someone that will take his daughter in law and his granddaughter to the US. But he doesn’t know who exactly he is there to meet.

“I’m your man. Come with me,” the man says. The father in law, the young woman and the seven year old girl get in a taxi and go to a house. At the house is another woman and a young boy about 16 years old, also waiting to cross.

“Do you have the money?”

“I was told I didn’t have to pay until they are delivered to the US.”

“No, you must pay me to get them across the river and then pay the woman the rest.”

“How much?”

“Three hundred dollars.”

“I don’t have three hundred dollars.”

“How much do you have?”

“Two hundred in Mexican Pesos.”

“That’s not enough, but if that’s all you have it will have to do.”

“That’s all I have.”

The father in law gives the man the money and is taken to the border where he has to stand in a long line of people waiting to cross on foot. He is told to wait on the other side for his daughter in law and his granddaughter.

The young woman and her daughter are taken to the river by the coyote along with the sixteen year old boy and the other girl. They are told to wade the river, that someone waits for them on the other side. They cross the river and run into a couple of border patrol agents.

“A donde van?” the agents ask.

The sixteen year old boy turns and makes a run for the river. He is shot and killed by one of the border patrolmen.

The two women and the child remain still and are taken into custody.

The young mother and her daughter are immediately deported, but the other young girl is not. Or maybe she is, too. The young mother doesn’t know for sure.

This story takes place three days ago. There is no mention of any death along the banks of the river in the media.

But then why would there be, since this is just a story.

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