Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fidel comes clean

Soviet style Communism no longer works in Cuba.

Let's see: Communism (large scale Socialism with a gun pointed at your head) has failed. Capitalism (large scale corporatism with a gun pointed at your head) is failing. What other kind of authoritarian bull shit can we try?


  1. Whatever his mis-guided methods and motivations..., pure economic greed doesn't appear to be one of them. Maybe it was just because his economy never mustered enough capital for him to personally loot and become filthy rich..., or maybe he just hides it damn well. I am sure he has an adequate stash tucked away..., but compared to the obvious examples of Somoza in Nicaragua and Marcos in the Phillipines who took US aid and put it directly in their pockets until their own countrymen physically deposed them..., Fidel stuck to his principles and spurned wealth and fortune that he could have easily gleaned at most any time from the US. He may have been a fool for that..., but I kind of wish he was in charge of dealing with the Fraudsters on Wall Street and the Money Grubbing Politicians in the US..., with his methods.

  2. Hey Don,

    Off thread..., but I think you would enjoy this one from Tom Russell at his Blog.

    Here's an excerpt.

    I kept thinking about the circus. And our moral watchdogs. Left Wing. Right Wing. Up Wing. Down Wing. We live in a box, and point fingers at the other box. We are protected by flimsy bullet proof vests of moral and political superiority. We save animals and recycle our wine bottles; or we praise our white God as we curse Obama as a Muslim. We watch MSNBC or Fox News, we take sides. The fake spit of outrage runs down the pancake-painted chins of our puppet-faced talk show hosts and newscasters. We create new forms of faux-concern at floods, earthquakes and cartel wars. We are good, and our goodness is slipped into an envelope addressed to a benefit funding. Tax deductible. But we can’t find our pulse or heartbeat, and soul is something that died with James Brown and Otis Redding. We can no longer paint or write songs or novels. The emotions of our artists and writers are cartoonish; fleeting. Politically corrected. We whine; therefore we are. Our blood is kool aid.