Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Millennials rising

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

It’s been a while since I penned an original journal entry. We’ve had one terrible cold wave and are now in the midst of a second. Heat is a nuisance; cold kills. The cold wave didn’t stop at our Southern border. I read that a wave killed or damaged between 80 and 100% of winter produce in Mexico at a time when that nation call ill afford it.

Yesterday a friend arrived with a couple of his brothers, residents of the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi. They paint a grim picture. He says most Januarys are festive with migrant workers home for the winter lavishing money on the local economy. Not this year.

Food prices are as high, if not higher than here in the US and the people have little money with which to buy it. Other essentials like clothing are also prohibitively expensive for most citizens. Unmentionable predatory groups have extended their talons, soliciting cuotas or taxes on just about all businesses, legal and illegal. Those that refuse to pay with money pay with blood instead.

The man from San Luis asked how much a Billy goat we have is worth. I told him they’re high, somewhere around $200. He said the same goat would sell for $500 where he lives. Who in hell has $500 to spend on a goat? Especially in Mexico.

Those that say what’s going on in Mexico is just about the passage of drugs are full of shit. Mafia like organizations are charging tribute on all facets of business in Mexico, aside perhaps from oil, but even that industry has been affected.

The truth is, Mexico bought into the notion of globalization, the idea that they too could live like we do here in the US. They destroyed their own local methods of production and supply, selling out instead to multinational corporations that don’t give one tinker's damn about the welfare of Mexican citizens. Now the country starves.

A new generation of young men have no future. They’re pissed off; they have nothing to lose. It’s not just Mexico. Tunisia. Egypt. Ireland. Right here in the US of A.

It's worldwide.

The Millennial generation is coming of age in a time of global crisis. They have no direction, no solutions, only anger, strength and unity. They are going to kick ass and take names. When they win, things will only get worse.

Whether you believe it or not.

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  1. Cowboy, I have been enjoying your blog. I can't remember how I even found it, but I find the issues you address very compelling.

    I was just reading about the land and food issues in Egypt here:

    along with stuff about GMOs, etc. This perfect, manmade, storm has been gathering for years.