Friday, September 28, 2012

Sabbath eve diary

September 28, 2012

Rain has begun to fall. We finished baling and hauling hay from the fields just in time. A friend called to tell me we could have deluges of up to 10”. In Texas, where rain is concerned, it’s either feast or famine. On a hunch, one of my ranch hands moved cattle from the pecan bottom at the Dos Rios Ranch. It’s there the Guadalupe and San Marcos Rivers merge and cattle may become trapped and washed away by flood waters.

Leah and I watched End of watch last night. Her review of the film can be summed up in two words. Don’t go!

But that’d be like someone telling you not to ride the baddest roller coaster in the land.

The film is gruesome as hell.

Unfortunately, it does a good job of showing what it’s like to be an inner-city cop in these trying times. I say unfortunately. By that I mean that it’s unfortunate that our society has devolved into such a dangerous and awful condition. Sodom and Gomorrah pale by comparison.

Coupled with the recent shooting at our farm, my utopia is quickly becoming a dystopia, a less than secure refuge in a world gone mad.

I remember a scene from No country for old men, where two old time cops reflect on their lack of preparedness for the changing world in which they live.

I can relate.


Link to this article at the Agonist where a few lively comments matisized.

Don't guess you can please everyone....

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  1. You might not believe the irony..., but when I read this piece last night, I was listening to Jackson Browne's "Before the Deluge". Hope the rains didn't hit you too hard. A couple three or four is plenty..., 10 is definitely a deluge.

    Still can't get on The Agonist site. Have tried using my email address and my user name to get the promised new password..., no luck yet. Don't want to register "new"..., in case they figure out a way to link users to their old posts like the old days. Doesn't look like that can be done as yet. The archive doesn't even seem to work right.

    Anyway..., right on partner..., write on.