Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Limited Freedom

I’ve noticed a lot of my facebook friends flying a new flag, that of a rainbow. You may note that I am not.

I seem to be skirting the issue. Perhaps.

I’d say the situation is delicate.

Tolerance and advocacy are not one and the same by my way of thinking.

I live in a land where freedom to practice your own religion is the law, up until the point that your freedom infringes upon the next person’s right to do the same.

So, there are limits.

If your religion is hatred and involves killing your neighbors, or unbridled greed which involves stealing your neighbor’s property or possessions, then your religion can’t be legally practiced.

Perhaps you like to drink alcohol. OK. But don’t get in your car and imperil others. And if you’re working with or for me, don’t let your habit endanger me, your co-workers, or the property you take care of, (this has been an ongoing problem for me—to the point that I pretty much detest drunkenness).

I ascribe to religious doctrine and personal practices others, most of you, would find offensive in some way. There are elements of my lifestyle, my beliefs, deemed illegal by the law of the land. No need to go into detail here. Other than to say….

I don’t feel the need to force you to believe as I do.

So I ask for your tolerance, but not necessarily your approval.

In return, I offer the same.

Where homosexuality is concerned, that’s the best I can manage.

Practice it in your home if you wish. Get gay married, if you wish.

Public displays are OK also, within reason, but then, you may notice I avoid places where I have to see those displays, (heterosexual or homosexual).

Stage a march, if you wish, but I ain’t going to march in your parade. Have a gay party, but please don’t invite me. It ain’t my thing and I am not going to come anyway.

I’d prefer if you didn't bring the practice into the confines of my home. I’ve allowed this in the past, but I have never really been comfortable with it. It’s a damn big world. I don’t take up much space.

That’s just me, exercising the limited freedom I enjoy in this country.

The world would be a boring place if we all were the same.

Be who you are. Afford me the same luxury.

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