Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Prophets of Doom with four year's hindsight

Back in 2011, the History channel presented a film called Prophets of Doom. Several people whose opinions I had studied and respected participated, each with a slightly different area of expertise.
With four year's hindsight, if the film can be faulted, it's that there were other parallel events that did not get covered. Also, each of the participants was so stunningly intelligent in their own field of expertise that they tended to be dismissive of each other's opinion.
In light of the fact that we just had the hottest June ever recorded, I suppose a climate scientist probably should have been part of the event.
It isn't that one was right. They all were right. (Even the A.I. guy, whose opinion I dissed at the time).
These concurrent events don't add up--they amplify each other exponentially. Throw in resulting migrations and wars, man's reaction to changing global events, and it gets beyond my ability to assimilate.
Michael C. Ruppert was a friend and a mentor, now dead by a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head. I followed Nate Nathan John Hagenswhen he wrote at the Oil Drum. And James Howard Kunstler's The Long Emergency changed the way I see this world.
Watch the film, here:

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