Thursday, August 6, 2015

Approaching jubilee: The wait is over

As we approach the end of the shmita and the beginning of the New Year according to the Hebrew calendar, the cloud that has hung over my head for the last year seems to have lifted.

A few prophets with a track record justifying merit predict dire events. I have been in a state of mourning for my people, my country and the world at large. Damn near paralyzed by it. Why mourn after the loss; it’s when the patient is ill that the pain is so intense.

But now that the event draws near, it’s time for action.

To get off the ass and do something. Even if the seed I plant is to be harvested by another or my life is to be lost in the fray.

I got a late start on a fall garden. We had a wet spring, but now have gone over a month with no measurable rain. Temperatures have been hovering around the 100 degree mark; the forecast now calls for ten consecutive days of heat approaching 106 degrees. It was late getting here, but it is here.

For whatever reason, I don’t function well when all is well. Comfort kills. During times of chaos, when a bad choice means loss of life and or severe consequences, well, then, it’s easier to pay attention and stay engaged.

I was made for this day.

For those with ears, the season is at hand.

Wake up.

Do something.


  1. I too have felt a heaviness before the storm breaks. Now I'm irritated and am trying to get everything in order. Just got back from the range and it seems my skills are still there. The smoke in the interior of B.C. seems to be a precursor. Keep your powder dry.

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