Sunday, December 19, 2010

Do what?

Being a touch ignorant when it comes to economic matters (there’s a difference between being ignorant and being stupid), I have a hard time relating to news like this:

Fed doles out $12.3 trillion dollars in backdoor bailouts.

Millions, I understand. Billions are a bit foreign. And trillions, well, that’s outerspace for me.

So to whittle this down to a bite that makes sense, I write out the numbers.


Let’s see. There’s around 300 million American citizens.

So, $12,300,000,000,000 divided by 300,000,000 equals...



$41,000 per man woman and child created out of thin fucking air and given to a handful of insolvent banks--who then used some of the money to pay off their taxpayer bailouts with grand fanfare and publicity so they could escape any sort of regulatory oversight and are now paying their executives the largest bonuses in history for a job well done while the rest of the country goes down the shitter.

Now that is something a country boy can understand.

No words suffice for the contempt I hold for these people.


But if you meet me in person, you're liable to hear me give it a try.

You fucking worthless goddamned....

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