Thursday, December 30, 2010

Straining at Gnats, Swallowing Camels

If you see me walking around cussing under my breath and arguing with myself, it’s likely you’ve caught me considering political matters. I’ve become so disgusted with the two major parties and their advocates, Democrats and Republicans, that the mere mention of the words leaves me spitting convulsively to cleanse the filth from my mouth. It’d take not one book, but a whole goddamned library to list the grievances I have with these folks.

There’s no way I can call all of this up at one time, but being year’s end I feel remiss if I didn’t bring up a few salient points. To begin, the Fed: (spit, shit, cough, hack, go through a few epileptic convulsions, spew green vomit). Now, where was I. Oh yeah the Fed. And it’s leader, Ben Bernanke, appointed by George W. Bush, a Republican (spit, shit, cough…) and reappointed by Barack Hussein Obama, a Democrat (cussing, convulsions, a few self inflicted blows to the head, green blood laced vomit with big chunks spewing out mouth and nostrils…)

In order to feel good about going out and working for a buck, a citizen must feel there’s some sort of fairness in the way people are compensated for their efforts. Like it or not, we get compensated with dollars. Since Nixon, dollars have not been as good as gold, but at least there was some sort of mirage in place to make us believe that they were limited in supply, created under oversight of our elected representatives and had real value. The mirage melted before our eyes this year, revealing a stark and ugly truth.

A corrupt class of elite assholes have stolen the wealth of citizens around the world for the last 30 years. The bastards became so unhappy over time that there was so little to steal that they created ways to steal future earnings as well. The Fed, major banks and politicians became their enablers. The fed makes dollars out of thin air and gives them to whomever they damn well please, Americans and otherwise, in unlimited supplies, if need be, to keep the people in charge, in charge. Unlimited means unlimited.

When details of these scams began to ooze through the protective barriers of bought public relations propaganda machines, collectively referred to as mainstream media, both Democrats and Republicans began pointing fingers at each other, like kids caught in the act of stealing from the candy jar, both hands full, mouths so loaded they can hardly get out the he did it firsts. And they have continued to lie ever since.

Around these parts, it’s all the nigger’s fault. You know: Barack HUSSEIN Obama, that foreign born Muslim terrorist when he’s not working at his second job—the Antichrist. While true that Obama has overseen the largest bailout of thieves and scumbags in the history of this nation, must I remind you that the Republican candidate in the last election, Mr. John McCain (alias War Hero), suspended his campaign and marched hand in hand with Mr. Obama to the White House to sign the first TARP bailout at the beckon and call of none other than George W. Bush, while over 90% of the American public voiced dissent on the issue.

After my favorite candidates all got shot down in the primaries (Gravel, Paul and Kucinich, in that order), I was left with this miserable choice. I am now ashamed to say I voted for Mr. Obama (cough, spit, hack…). I didn’t do so thinking he was a good guy, I just hoped that as the political machine swung back and forth a few of the lies and liars in the Bush administration would be exposed. You know what I’m talking about.

I am now painfully aware that Obama is one of them. I feel like the kid that watched two professional wrestlers cussing and beating hell out of each other, and after the fight, caught them eating and drinking at the same table, dividing the money of the suckers of which I was one.

Did Obama prosecute anyone for the lies we were told that sent us to war(s)? Did he legalize marijuana and expose the fraud we call the war on drugs? Do pharmaceutical and insurance companies continue to make money drugging the people for any and all ills while the world’s largest prison population continues to grow, most of which happens to be people caught looking for a bit of dope? Did he address the consequences of peak oil and climate change honestly and straightforwardly? Did those that committed the biggest heist in the history of the United States get exposed and go to jail?


Instead we got a bullshit health bill that forces us to buy insurance from for-profit shysters, under penalty of law if we decline. We get cap and trade, where ass-holes like Al Gore get rich by taking money from producers of vital goods and give it to people that produce nothing—of which, by the way, Al Gore is a part—a massive pay-to-pollute scam. Wars of empire continue unabated; new wars appear on the horizon, should those of the previous administration lose their luster. Hillary travels the world lavishing anti-drug dollars on corrupt murderous third world leaders. We continue to march forward blindly, totally dependent on a just-in-time supply network of diesel powered trucks and equipment to produce and distribute food and vital goods, we’ve bailed out car manufacturers for which there will be an ever diminishing supply of fuel and the speed at which viable alternatives are being built staggers the imagination (not). We continue marching toward a global conflict of unseen proportions and scale with weapons that stagger the mind to be fought over a diminishing supply of natural resources. Rather than curtail invasions of privacy lost under the previous administration, the most instrusive and elaborate systems of spying on citizens ever devised continues to grow; civil liberties and rights continue to be sacrificed in the name of security.

I don’t have answers for all of this, but at least I can be bothered to ask the right questions.

What the in the fuck are we doing?

After watching big corporations and banks steal all the money, robbing pensioners, retirees, mortgage holders and working class citizens, the vocal left jumps up and demands what? More taxes on the citizens. Well that sets accounts straight….

And all these Rush Limbaughers tell me they have a solution. That we can expose the lies and set the record straight...

By electing Rick Perry or Sarah Palin in 2012.

Fuck me to tears.



    From: U.S. Department of State
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  2. Awesome post, Cowboy! Love the "no holds barred" attitude.

  3. God brought the screwed up world the answer in christ Jesus, but his rejection by men has allowed a great futile effort of men to govern themselves apart from God's ordained way. The lord Jesus will have to govern men when he returns with a vengeful heart to reign and rule on the earth.