Friday, December 3, 2010

Yeah, Ryan Bingham

I gave Ryan a rash of shit, anticipating that fame and success would have or had ruined the man. Apparently, Ryan hasn't forgotten his roots. First, an apology. Second, a blessing, for what it's worth.

Ryan Bingham helps homeless kids with show.

May you be blessed.

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  1. Thanks Don..., finally got to enjoy your music links..., and see all the pictures on your Web Site. Yeah..., finally out of the Dark Ages of Dial-up here on The Ranch. Not sure it is such a blessing though. Have the "pop-up" blocker set on high now..., and still get them. As well as getting annoying sound from invisible pop-ups. Can't figure out how to eliminate that? Thought the high speed connection would free up more time for writing..., but seems that I now spend more time watching music videos !!!! Spent last night doing that..., and linked some Tom Russell cuts to my Facebook page..., while I was waiting for a "Sabbath Eve" post from you.

    Anyway..., carry on and write on.