Thursday, December 10, 2009

Roger Ebert reviews CoLLapse


I don't think I've ever heard him give a stronger recommendation on a documentary film. Yet, goddamned theaters around the land are NOT showing this film. Not one fucking theater in the whole fucking state of Texas.

The film was the highest rated film at the Toronto Film Festival. I can watch the goddamned Road. Some bull shit fantasy 2012 film. Goddamned fat ass Michael fucking Moore selling Socialism as the answer to all our ills. But not this film.


  1. I have been curious about the significance of the double capital "LL's" in the title..., "CoLLapse"..., since you first started posting about it a month or so ago?

    Have you any insight to offer?

  2. In the trailer I couldn't help but notice that the L's crumbled. As in twin towers...

  3. Thanks Don..., still in the Dark Ages of Dial-Up here..., so I don't click on video clips. Do plan to catch it on pay per view when it becomes available.