Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Excuse the profanity

Sometimes I cuss a bit too much. Maybe more than a bit.

Perhaps I shouldn't cuss the king. You know, bush and barack are decent civil folks...

Yeah, right.

When leaders smile and sign papers sending troops and munitions to foreign lands, innocent people die. Starve. Get kicked out of homes, terrorized. They shiver in the cold, roast in the heat.

The idea that we're making America safer by fighting wars around the planet is lunacy. Mark my words. Someday we will reap what we have sown.

Our leaders ask for our trust, all the while grinning like possums eating shit and lying through their teeth.

barack obama--you own these wars now. You've had a year to do the right thing and you chose not to.

You own this depression as well, despite the fact that it took over twenty years to create the mess, because you let the people that caused it off the hook, not only let them off the hook, you stole money from the American people so they could keep wealth acquired through fraudlent criminal activity.

Political power is like Frodo's ring. The only one worthy to bear the ring is the man bent on destroying it, and even he is not immune to the ring's seductive power.

barack sought and embraced the power of the ring. And he has become its tool. And bush slinks around like Gollum lamenting the loss...

Oh my precious. Where are you my precious...

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