Monday, November 30, 2009

The silence is deafening

During George W. Bush's presidency, due to my stance on the Iraq war, I often found myself siding with Democrats. Now that Obama has been elected, the true nature of the Democratic party has been revealed.

Democrats didn't want real change. They wanted power. To run things.

Obama is pushing to have all provisions of the patriot act extended.

The war on drugs not only continues, it's escalating.

We're not leaving Iraq.

We're not leaving Afghanistan.

We've opened up a new front in Pakistan.

Surveillance on American citizens without warrant, torture, and other civil rights violations perpetrated by the previous administation have been covered up and probably continue unabated, hidden from view.

The executive branch appears a willing party to continuing obfuscation of financial activities by the Fed and Geithner's treasury department. Obama's promised transparency does not exist.

Big banks, finance companies and predatory megacorporations have found a friend in the Democratic party; their crimes have been hidden and they've been bailed out with tax payer money, despite obvious fraudulent activity. Creditors got a bailout, debtors got fucked.

This is more and I mean MORE of the same old shit.


Fuck George W. Bush.

Fuck Barack Obama.

And fuck the Democratic leadership in the house and the Senate.

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