Friday, November 20, 2009

Harvest time

Henry Ford, for all his faults, once stated that he needed to pay his workers enough that they would be able to buy the cars they manufactured. I guess globalists thought such laws don’t apply when you ship the jobs to a foreign land.

Now I hear people say that a cheaper dollar will make American products more competitive to foreign buyers. Who exactly is going to buy these “cheaper” American goods? Some Chinese guy earning $2 a day? Now out of a job because there’s an ongoing depression in the United States?

Rather than bring the rest of the world’s workers up to some sort of decent living standard, global financial players and manufactuers raced toward the lowest common denominator: workers earning slave wages, receiving no benefits, toiling in unsafe conditions, exploited to produce a bunch of cheap disposable products then sold in our big box stores.

Then one day a new reality hit us right between the eyes; not everyone can have a job sitting on his ass, doing nothing. Our own economy imploded.

So now we’re going to devalue the dollar and start producing something to sell once again. That’s the plan.

Who are your going to sell to? Americans don’t have jobs. Meaning they can’t buy things. And those poor bastards that have been making our goods overseas have no money, (aside from a few that became fabulously wealthy, selling out their own and they can't eat much).

Better yet, what’s going to happen when the next leg of this collapse cuts off the supply of that cheap made shit, for which there are no replacement parts, or destruction of the dollar raises the price of that cheap made shit to the level of unaffordability? We already tore down and hauled off all our goddamned factories, people.

I recently read that the United States now has the greatest disparity between rich and poor of any country on earth. I have no way of verifying such a statement, but I find the fact that’s even plausible shocking and reprehensible.

Time to reap what we’ve sown.

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