Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A matter of sovereignty

I recently took part in an economic discussion that evolved, or should I say devolved, into one of those tell-me-what-you-really-think moments. As I’ve said before, I avoid predicting events in the future for a variety of reasons. I consider predictions, prophecies. Those that make them, prophets. Those that falsely predict, false prophets. God hasn’t spoken to me through a burning bush.

However, there are plenty of prophecies that have been made throughout the ages and I study them when they come along. Not only Christian prophecies but those from other religions, cultures, and even those from secular backgrounds. And sometimes I see and hear prophecies that seem to coincide with current events.

A couple of days ago, I watched a youtube video, made in the mid 1980’s of a Native American prophet. I seem to remember having watched this previously, but perhaps just a segment of it. This time, I watched the whole thing, all five clips worth.

Some of the things the guy suggests are new to me. But they make sense when weighed against my experience. An example: he points out how Native Americans have been marginalized or totally left out of the picture where American policy decisions are concerned. There’s a segment that deals with race and geographic origin; he speaks of an understanding of the earth (land) that Indian (Native American) people have. A tie to water that the black race has. An oriental tie to the air. And how those from the north have a connection with fire (that’d be white folks).

The Indian prophet describes how many former Indian prophecies have been fulfilled, at least by his interpretation, and then goes on to predict how another prophecy will manifest itself. He calls this event the third shaking.

How does this relate to economic discussions, you ask. I’ve stepped off into it; I’m already covered in shit, so I might as well slog on through and get to the other side.

A man without debt, owner of his own land, is free to a degree to act as he wishes on his own property. He plants what he wants, when he wants, how he wants, or he doesn’t plant at all if he doesn’t want to. But when that man borrows money from a bank, he becomes beholden to the bank. A country is not unlike that man.

When we conduct business with other countries, they send us goods and we send them dollars. They use dollars to buy goods from us. When they sell us more stuff than they buy from us, then they’re left holding our money. Our money is nothing more than an IOU, a promise to pay in goods or services. A loan. They hold a note on our land.

We cede sovereignty of our nation when we allow trade deficits to build. And we have been doing this (ceding our sovereignty) for over 20 years now.

This pisses me off. You goddamned motherfuckers have sold and continue selling off our country.

In your arrogance, you think you can now print more money and pay off loans in a devalued currency, dilute the debt. But those holding vast sums of our dollars now have the fucking factories we tore down and shipped off shore, you know, the ones that make all that crap in our Wal Mart stores. And we need more of that crap, because it’s disposable junk without replacement parts and we no longer have a way to build things here. Remember the goddamned factories you closed, the jobs you sent away?

Fucking cock suckers.

So China and other countries holding our debt have called us in and warned us about printing too much money, (monetizing debt), thereby devaluing their holdings. Obama sent Geithner to assure them we’d do no such thing, and then did it when the Fed bought a bunch of treasury notes off of the books. And that is why the Fed is so adamantly resisting a congressional audit of their activities.

And then Obama himself was called in by our Chinese bankers. He once again lied to them, I’m guessing.

China told us if we’ll not monetize debt, they’ll not dump dollars. In fact, they’ll continue to buy more treasuries, loan us more money or goods, so we can keep up this farce, maintain this unrealistic lifestyle as the world’s consumer. We’ve become little more than livestock in the feedlot, eating and shitting, eating more and shitting more.

But China knows we lied, and they lied too. They told us that if we didn’t monetize debt, they would hold on to our dollars and even buy more of them. Instead, China recently bought all of Ecuador’s oil. They’re vying for Canada’s oil. They’ve cut deals with Venezuela’s Chavez. Bolivia’s Morales. Cuba. Iran. Former Soviet protectorates. African nations. They’re buying gold. Copper. The Hummer division of General Motors. They want to buy small US banks. Why?

Because small US banks hold notes on land, businesses, factories and other real assets that can be foreclosed on. The claim to real assets. Your land, your house, your car, your business. They’re surreptitiously getting rid of dollars in exchange for real assets.

China is short natural resources and long on labor. Natural resources are diminishing around the world. When China vies for more oil, the only place they can get it is from a country now an exporter of oil to the United States or other industrialized nations. So when they buy oil from Canada, Canada sells oil to them instead of us. China has already cut us out of Ecuador. They’re working hard to cut us out of Venezuela, which happens to be the third largest exporter of oil to the United States. On and on goes the list.

The economic jousting between our countries is like the buildup to a gang war. China is encroaching into territory we once controlled. We’ve had a big advantage here in the United States, because oil is traded in dollars and nothing but dollars. It’s like playing poker and owning the casino. And the rest of the world is tiring of playing this rigged game.

Cutting to the chase. I think a polarization has begun. China, Russia, Iran, maybe North Korea, portions of Africa, Pakistan, Venezuela and most of the rest of Latin America aside from Northern Mexico and Colombia line up on one side. Britain, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the US on the other side. I don’t know the geo-politcal details, just generalities.

The Middle East will be the focal point, the spark that starts the fire that will grow into the worst war this world has seen. It probably begins between Iran and other Middle Eastern nations. And then the rest of us get sucked in. (This may have begun with the Iraq/Iran war).

I’m guessing the shit hits the proverbial fan within the next ten years.

And I, like this Indian prophet, figure we here in the US most likely are going to get nuked (raptured, for you of Christian persuasion. The lucky ones will be at ground zero). New York City is toast. Perhaps other places as well. The Indian prophet spoke of the Mississippi River boiling.

Say goodbye to your country. It was fun while it lasted.

There was a time when I read a bible verse that said, paraphrased, areas where thorns and thistles grow are in danger of being cursed by God and will be burned. I left Texas (late 70’s), after having read that verse. I came back.

I figure much of this state gets burned.

So, why am I here? I guess you could say I’m going down with the ship. (I know, mixing metaphors.) This is my home. I love this place and its people. I have land, animals and people that need tending, so that’s what I am doing, each and every day. When it’s my time to go, it’s my time to go.

The people running this country, governing this state, are imposters to the throne.

And we, in the true sense of the word, we are Goddamned.

It didn't have to be this way.

PS. December 1, 2009

China didn't buy all of Ecuador's oil. But they did prepay for $12 billion worth.

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  1. Yeah, well I'm pissed beyond words, but yours will do nicely. I got the fuck out because I could no longer bear the fucking bullshit lies.