Monday, November 16, 2009

First blog

I decided to create my own blog because there are times when things I believe depart from mainstream narrative. To date I've always posted on someone else's territory and felt the need to consider how my words would affect the owner of the blog or how they'd be received by other users.

More and more I find that things I believe put me in a minority. I think the world is headed for destruction. Say that long enough, hard enough, and you wear out your welcome.

So here it is, a blog where I can say what I want when I want. My own turf.

Welcome one and all,

Don Henry Ford Jr.


  1. A fine decision, Don. As one who's also involved in a group blog, i know your feelings on considering your words in the larger context.

    It's good to have a place to call your own, and easy to take the best from that place and put elsewhere. I know this to be true because i recently dusted off my own little blog for the very same reasons as you.

    I look forward to stopping by here regularly, and for what it's worth (not much) i will put the unrepententcowboy on my blog roll.


  2. Don,

    You are not alone.

    I have always siad, "The general public is always wrong and the experts are seldom right".


  3. I've thoroughly enjoyed your posts on the BBS we both frequent. It never seemed to me that you had toned down your opinions or withheld anything that might seem upsetting to some. But then, it is a full-on doom board isn't it?

    I'm looking forward to your [i]uncensored[/i] opinions.

  4. Dang... that didn't work. Oh well, you get the emphasis even if it does look dumb

  5. Congrats on your new turf. Evidently, this blog doesn't like Firefox...bummer. Couldn't get shit to show up until I logged in with IE.